About Merri Creek Primary School

Merri Creek Primary School was established in 1891 and is situated in a beautiful environment on the banks of the Merri Creek in Fitzroy North, an inner urban Melbourne suburb.

In 2014 the 377 students are grouped in 16 classes.   Class sizes vary from 20-26 with students in composite classes predominantly.  There are three classes of Prep, five classes of 1/2, four classes of 3/4, one class of 4/5 and three classes of 5/6.  Each class has a buddy class and buddy classes meet regularly for activities and social connection.  School priorities are English and Maths, the Arts and Inquiry learning.  There is a whole school approach to developing appropriate student learning and safety behaviours and a commitment to P.E., student wellbeing and creativity.

We are an accredited Sustainable School teaching the Aussi modules – water, waste, energy and biodiversity and maintaining sustainable practises. At Merri Creek we have a strong commitment to providing students with the skills and knowledge to be responsible and active global citizens.

School values are CARE – creativity, acceptance of diversity and difference, responsibility and effort. These values underpin our work, learning and all relationships within our school community.


We have a wonderful community of families who work for the benefit of the students, school programs and facilities.  Parents, carers and grandparents participate in a wide range of ways in the daily life of Merri Creek Primary School.  These include formal and informal participation through: membership of School Council and its committees; working in classroom programs; actively working to improve the physical environment; fundraising and assisting with parent information and education.  The high level of parent involvement in the school is greatly valued and encouraged.

Learning for life is a genuine partnership between staff, students and their families.  Students are valued through a weekly school assembly; weekly student performances and the recitation of our School Declaration written by students and the Education Committee:

We at Merri Creek Primary School Are standing with friends for whom we care, We respect each other’s rights and our school rules. We try our best in all we do. We care for our school and community. Australia is our home And we will do what we can To make it fair and peaceful for everyone.