Day 2 Wednesday 28-5 Home Valley

Today we travelled the one and a half hour journey from Kununurra town to Home Valley Station.

After meeting the other teachers and some of our fellow Bush Blitz team we set off on the road. If I thought the land was spectacular in Kununurra then the approaching Cockburn Range was an eye opener. Horizons and horizons of beautiful gorges dotted with fat Boab’s, their branches outstretched to the heavens. It looked as if it was a painting, I had to keep reminding myself that it was actually in front of me!

Boab trees 800x600

Along the road we came to a river crossing and hurtled our 4WD’s into the water. On the other side we were able to see many other cars crossing as well as become introduced at last to some native fauna. Brian the team bird man pointed out to us massive wedge-tailed eagles and Black Kites all on the lookout for lunch.

Pentacost River

Eventually we got to Home Valley Station (where we would be staying) and met the other scientists that we would be working alongside. After setting up our tents we explored the camp, had dinner (where we met the whole team including the cooks, helicopter pilots and specialist photographers to take pictures of all the species) and had an early night, travelling can be exhausting!