About Dimbulah State School P-10

We are a small, friendly, rural school situated on the edge of the Atherton Tablelands in sub-tropical Far North Queensland. Our school caters for students from five to fifteen years of age. 

Dimbulah State School provides a wide variety of learning experiences for students through curriculum programs in all key learning areas. Participation in academic competitions such as the Westpac Maths Competition along with participation in sporting competitions such as the National Bill Turner Cup - Soccer is a feature of the enrichment programs offered by the school. Support-a-Writer, Support-a-Reader and Maths tutoring are also offered across the school to support our students in their learning. 

Our school offers a full range of Junior Secondary subjects. Most primary classes feature multi-age or composite classes with integrated work units across the eight key learning areas. Our school also prides itself on the implementation of the Year 6-10 program and our junior and secondary Option Programs.

The School's Behaviour Management Program focuses on the provision of a safe and a supportive learning environment, which has been developed through a collaborative and consultative process with all members of the school community. Underlying values of our school behaviour management are the values of:  learning, respect, safety and co-operation. The school has also adopted the "You Can Do It" value education program:  confidence, getting along, organisation, persistence and resilience.