About Taroona High School

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Taroona High School is a co-educational state high school with approximately 1045 students in Grades 7 to 10. Nestled on the shore of the Derwent Estuary, in the south of Tasmania, our students have access to a natural learning environment equal to any in the world.

Educational opportunities at Taroona High are comprehensive and include the opportunity to learn in a wide variety of contexts, meeting the diverse needs of students. Taroona offers a range of courses developing balanced, enriched learning for students as they are preparing for the innumerable opportunities they face in their futures.

All students are encouraged and supported to do their best, with student achievement being recognised in a variety of ways. We take pride in the academic, sporting and cultural achievements of our students, past and present.

Taroona High School is committed to a vision of being a leading centre of innovation, creativity and excellence in teaching and learning. It prides itself on being an open and inclusive school community and places students at the centre of all practices with the aim of Enriching Lives Through Learning for our whole school community, students, staff and parents.

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