About Bush Blitz

Bush Blitz is Australia's largest nature discovery project - a multimillion dollar partnership to document the plants and animals in properties across Australia.

Launched in the International Year of Biodiversity 2010, Bush Blitz is expected to uncover new species and provide the baseline scientific data that will help us protect our biodiversity for generations to come.

Led by the Australian Government with an investment of approximately $6 million, and in collaboration with Earthwatch Institute Australia, Bush Blitz brings together BHP Billiton Sustainable Communities with a $6 million investment, not-for profit research organisation Earthwatch which will manage the Bush Blitz BHP Billiton volunteer program and the Bush Blitz TeachLive program.

Australia is home to over 560,000 native species, many found nowhere else on Earth - yet only one-quarter of this biodiversity has been successfully documented. Covering more than 11 per cent of the continent, the National Reserve System is made up of more than 9,000 properties, national parks and reserves managed by all levels of government, Indigenous lands and protected areas managed by non-profit conservation organisations, through to ecosystems managed for conservation by farmers as part of their working properties.

Bush Blitz will be supported by museums, herbaria, CSIRO and governments across the country with dozens of Australia's top scientists and assisted by science teachers and BHP Billiton employees.

For more information about Bush Blitz go to http://www.bushblitz.org.au.

About Bush Blitz TeachLive

Bush Blitz TeachLive is an educational program that places teachers on Bush Blitz expeditions, where they receive a unique professional development experience and get to teach “live” back to their classrooms. While on an expedition the teachers interact with their students via live web forums, post daily highlights and photos, and communicate with their classrooms via Skype and other online tools. This experience - and the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm teachers bring back from the field - gives students a new perspective on scientific research and builds their core skills in science, geography and other subjects.

TeachLive is also a unique professional development opportunity, where teachers can learn about science from world-class scientists, and learn research techniques they can use in their schools. Teachers involved in past TeachLive expeditions have gone on run neighbourhood ‘bioblitzes’ with their students, undertake research into the impact of environmental issues on local species and conduct other innovative educational programs.

Participation in Bush Blitz TeachLive is via a competitive application process. Click here to register your interest in applying for the next Bush Blitz TeachLive expedition.

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