About Kirrawee High School

From a proud and ongoing tradition Kirrawee High School represents conspicuous excellence in a wide range of academic, community service, arts, sporting and community endeavours. As a public, comprehensive and specialised languages high school Kirrawee develops students to think critically and independently about their world and the ways in which they can contribute to humanity’s future wellbeing and prosperity. The school actively works to develop ethical, resilient and emotionally intelligent young people who define personal accomplishment and continual improvement as the measure of their character and achievement. It is acknowledged that a very strong work ethic is essential to leading a meaningful life. A large school population (approximately 1200) reflects an engaged and supportive community who hold high expectations for educational opportunities, outcomes, and the post school lives their children will lead. In the same way teachers and support staff nurture high expectations for the learning and personal responsibility students demonstrate to meet and exceed the promise afforded by a safe, warm, aspirational school and family environment.
The school achieves these goals with an emphasis on high quality programs, which are supported by experienced and enthusiastic staff. Staff value their professionalism and honour their practice, generously supporting colleagues and continually developing their skills. Equally, they understand that it is the positive influence on young people that defines their profession as a compassionate and inspired calling.
For all these reasons there is an unshakeable pride as students, parents and teachers in belonging to the Kirrawee High School community. There is a trust that people are working for something greater than themselves and that a thriving school community will continue to bring benefits for all

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More information about Kirrawee High may be found at http://web1.kirrawee-h.schools.nsw.edu.au/internet/