St Stephen's School, Algester

St Stephen’s School is a co-educational primary school in an outer suburb of Brisbane. St Stephen’s School has a commitment to fostering the spirituality and faith development of each child within our Catholic community, where all children and their families are accepted and valued for their uniqueness. Our school community is centred on living Gospel values within the Catholic faith tradition. St Stephen’s school implements the Australian Curriculum with a focus upon the spiritual, social, emotional, physical, academic, creative and cultural developmental needs of your child.

We have a commitment to natural and social sustainability. We are committed to hands-on, minds-on ad hearts-on science and sustainability learning. We are very fortunate to equally share a purpose-built science learning centre called, Sheepstation Gully Environmental Learning Centre with our neighbor school, Algester State School. This affords us a unique partnership for science learning. We also seek to develop and sustain positive partnerships in our community to enhance learning and living.

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