About Sydney Grammar School Edgecliff Preparatory School

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'Edgecliff' is a friendly place that caters especially for boys who are intellectually curious, creative and keen to learn. Our staff works hard to encourage a love of learning and to support boys as they develop opinions and interests of their own. We believe that the Primary years are formative and that positive experiences provided here stand the boys in good stead for high school. In many cases, passions and interests developed at Primary School remain with the boys through their adult lives.

Our central purpose is the preparation of boys for our High School and the liberal academic curriculum there. Our own curriculum is rich and full, and we seek to give our pupils a keen sense of their moral obligations to society, whilst taking great care over their personal and emotional development.

At Edgecliff, all classes from Kindergarten to Year 6 are taught Science by a Specialist Science Teacher in a custom built laboratory. We understand the importance exposing the boys to the beauty of real science by way of motivating and inspiring them. The boys at Edgecliff don’t just learn facts and figures, but are engaged in the process of scientific inquiry. They are encouraged to ask questions, design experiments, record data and interpret results. This investigative, hands-on approach is based around learning scientific principles and boys are exposed to a balanced mix of concepts from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science.

Our Science Teacher, Miss Kefaloukos, is committed to giving her pupils a positive experience of real science in their formative years. We are delighted to support her being awarded this wonderful scientific adventure and her pupils are excited to follow her journey.