Day 1- Tuesday 14/05/13

My Highlights

Hi. This is my blog about the work I will be doing whilst on the Bush Blitz TeachLive. Check back daily between the 14th and the 21st of May to see what I have been doing.

Day 1- Tuesday 14/05/13

Left Canberra at 8:00am after 2 flights over some amazing country I arrived into Alice Springs at 12:30 Central Time.

After meeting up with Cassie, Caroline, Cassie, George, Maddy & Donna for lunch we headed out to Henbury Station. Now you may not believe me but there are puddles out here. It rained on Sunday, about 40mm apparently so the roads are quite muddy and it looks like more rain tomorrow and again on the weekend.


So far I have seen 4 marbled scorpions, 2 sandy scorpions, some wolf spiders, Finke River Goby, and met the wildest bunch of the lot, all the scientists. Mark Harvey took us out night UV spotlighting for glowing scorpions.