Lesson 2 Scientists and their Discoveries

Objectives: There are differences within and between groups of organisms; classification helps organise this diversity (ACSSU111) (http://www.australiancurriculum.edu.au/Curriculum/ContentDescription/ACSSU111)

Read about the Bushblitz scientists I will be working with, their research specialisation and their discoveries with the handout and by going to http://www.bushblitz.org.au/scientists.php

Answer these questions.

  1. Who has researched Pygmy Perch?
  2. What does a Herpetologist study?
  3. What is a Gastropod?
  4. What is the common name for Xylocopa?
  5. What is the species name for the vampire like schizomid?
  6. What is collected in a herbarium?
  7. Who received the Edgeworth David Medal?
  8. Who developed a field guide to the flora of the MacDonnell Ranges?
  9. Where does stygofauna live?
  10. What does Mitzy Pepper research?

Find photos of organisms on the list below and create a collage. Label each photo with its common name, species name. Select 1 organism on the collage, research and attempt to classify it from Kingdom to Species.

  1. Southern Purple-spotted Gudgeon
  2. Mulga Snake
  3. Kessneria papillose
  4. Draculoides bramstokeri
  5. Tyrannochthonius rex
  6. Lobeliaceae
  7. Stipoid Grass
  8. Carpenter Bees
  9. Amegilla
  10. Crinia sp

Complete 6.7 page 87 of your Pearson 7 Science Activity Book.