Lesson 2/3

Lesson 2 (of 3) for my amazing Year 5 students!

Planning your investigation -

Do desert animals keep cooler under the ground during the day?

I once met a teacher from the Northern Territory and she set her students the same question to answer!! I wonder if you will get the same answer as they did?

In your equipment tray, you will have some thermometers and a trowel. Is there anything else you might need to measure the temperature below the ground?


Using your investigation planning sheet, work with your group to design a method to record the temperature below the ground. Your teacher will help you decide where in our school grounds you will be able to set up your investigation.

Investigation planner (http://bushblitz.teachlive.org.au/content/download/9508/28429/file/Investigation planner.pdf) (PDF) 173.55 kB

You will need to check on the weather to do this on a suitable day - remember we are not in summer conditions at the moment in Armadale. How might this affect your investigation?

Talk over the safety considerations of using thermometers in the ground outside.

Decide –

•             What is the actual testable question you are trying to answer?

•             Hint - use the wording: If we change the ?? what will happen to the ??

•             What variable you are going to change?

•             What variable you are going to measure?

•             What other variables you are going to keep the same?

•             How are you going to record your data? Do you need a table? Can you remember how to construct a table correctly?

•             Can you construct your table now - before you set up your investigation? You will need to decide how many measurements you will be doing.

Set up and carry out your investigation.


Remember to set a timer or watch the clock so you record your measurements at the right time.

Have fun and don't let your teacher do the digging!!

Thinking challenge just for fun while you are digging the holes- how would a bilby or bettong dig its deep burrow?? Does it have anything special to help it?