Gone fishing!

Today I leapt out of bed after a snuggly night's sleep, had breakfast then jumped in the 4WD to go the Snake Hole waterhole to find fish! The first thing I asked was ???? ( Are there snakes in the water?).

The 4WD was essential due to driving over dry river beds and bush tracks. Michael and Dave are the fish experts and the Totally Wild team joined us to film us for the show!

               Our work and dining room verandah is starting to look a bit like a laundry! It is also where people leave items for catching animals etc - like the fishing buckets you can see in the front.

My first task - apart from putting the leaky waders on - was to learn to throw the large drag net into the water then pull it out to see what we have found. I found the throwing very hard because the net was really heavy and you had to hold it a special way.

               However - I did catch fish!!!!!!

This is a bony bream - a very large one - which I caught with this net. There were smaller ones too. We let them go after counting them.

When Pip and the Totally Wild film crew joined us we did a different sort of fishing with a drag net - a bit like a prawning net. ( A seine net) The best ( but hardest bit) was getting stuck in the mud and trying to lift my feet out. Michael went on the deep end and let me stay in the shallow edge. Thanks Michael! We had to do the same things again and again so the film crew could get the shots from different angles and directions. It was fun!!   

               I am so excited because we managed to Skype to 3 classes at school this afternoon. Michael and I talked to the Year 1/2 class in Mrs Edwards room, then Another Year 1 class followed by the Year 5 students from Ms Harvey's room. Michael ( Dr Hammer) was very impressed with the questions he was asked from all classes and certainly noticed that the Year 5 students had done some careful research and come up with some very relevant and interesting questions. Well done guys!


I thought you might like to see our work room that the 5 teachers share with Remko and Katja. We also have 3 or 4 other Bush Blitz or Teachlive people that use the room for computer access and sometimes there can be 9 or 10 people working in there or talking all at the same time. It can be very crowded!

Often as we wander around the campsite we see people doing strange things.

I wandered up to the nearby hill to see what these 2 Scientists were photographing. It was a large skink they had found. It was about 20 - 25 cm long which was happy to sit there being the centre of attention!!

Tomorrow I am heading off to investigate the pit traps to see what has wandered into them. I think I am in for another helicopter ride!!

By the way - there are no snakes in the Snake Hole. Phew!