Bush Blitz? Biodiversity? Olkola?

A BushBlitz is being conducted on Olkola lands this week to study the biodiversity of this site.  What does all of this mean?  As you work through the following lessons you will find out all about Bush Blitz, biodiversity, the Olkola lands and how the lands are being managed.  I hope you enjoy this learning experience.

Day 6 -Time to pack up

After spending the night camped out about 10km from the homestead, we were awoken by the raucous calls of a group of blue-winged kookaburras.  It was the start of my last full day of Bush Blitz.

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Day 3 -Up in the air

The Olkola lands cover more than 6,000 square kilometres of rugged and remote country. How does a team of scientists get around to survey such a vast area within a two week Bush Blitz?
The answer is: by helicopter.

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Day 2 - Up the Creek again -for a different purpose

The day began with a “welcome to country” ceremony. The Olkola community elder, Mike Ross, performed a ceremony with water welcoming us onto Olkola land. Every person was welcomed individually and Mike concluded the ceremony by saying “It is good to have you here. You are now safe to walk this country”.

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Day 1 - Up the Creek

Today is the first real day of my Bush Blitz experience. We drove up to the Olkola lands yesterday (Friday), taking about six and a half hours for the trip north-west of Cairns. We arrived in the dark so couldn’t actually see where we had landed ourselves.

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