Day 1 and Night 1 - Arrival

Six teachers walked into an expedition...

Thursday, 29th November 2018

I’m so excited to have arrived and have the whole expedition ahead of me! Today I flew from Brisbane to Canberra, after flying to Brisbane from Hervey Bay last night. At Canberra airport, I met Sandra McCullough who is the Bush Blitz TeachLive Program Manager at Earthwatch Institute, and Cass Nichols, Earthwatch Institute CEO. I also met the other teachers on the program – Jane, Alyce, Oliver, Mich and Cara.

We travelled together to Birrigai Outdoor School, where we will be based for the next week. There’s a large school group here tonight, so we are sleeping in tents and swags.

After a detailed expedition briefing from Kate Gillespie, Senior Bush Blitz Project Officer, we were treated to a delicious barbecue dinner where we met most of the Bush Blitz scientists (some were still in the field), and David, the photographer.

I then ducked into the lab where I was shown a rock skink up close. It’s now time to boil the kettle, fill up my hot water bottle and snuggle in to bed. Tomorrow is going to be huge… I can’t wait!

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Just after sundown at Birrigai.

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Lab on the left.

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Rock skink.