Day 7 - Vascular Plants

Welcome to the Bush Blitz Bush Bashing Academy! 

Wednesday, 5th December 2018

For our final day in the field, Jane and I accompanied botanist Dave Albrecht into Namadgi National Park. It was quite the adventure as we participated in what I would call ‘extreme bush bashing’!


Get ready to bush bash!

At breakfast, Dave asked if I minded ‘walking a bit’. I was expecting a leisurely stroll along a walking track. WRONG! I’m not complaining though. It was a big adventure of climbing over logs, boulders, looking out for snakes and pushing through some dense scrub. The destination was a bog, and the objective was to document some of the plants there, as it is an undocumented area.


Dave recording the necessary information on the first specimen.


Specimen ready to be pressed.

For Dave to take a sample, the plants needed to be flowering. I was pretty chuffed to find a mountain caladenia (Caladenia alpina) which is a type of orchid – one that Dave wanted to sample! Yay! Unfortunately, I didn't get a good photo of it, but below are photos some other plants we sampled!


Epacris breviflora


Oxylobium ellipticum


Hakea microcarpa

Dave also showed me a bird orchid (Chiloglottis sp.), but he decided not to take it. I’m amazed by the green colouring of this flower – I certainly would have never found it myself!

 IMG 3216

Bird orchid!

After collecting specimens of some plants and placing them in the press, Dave led us back to the car. I was relieved to make it back without a snake sighting and shall certainly sleep well tonight!


We made it!