Day 1

 After a couple of short flights to the ACT, I have arrived at Birragai, welcomed by an emu and so many kangeroos! 


The Teach Live team of teachers all met in Canberra and made the 45 minute drive out to Birragai at Tidbinbilla. After settling into our accommodation (a delightful tent), we had a safety briefing and learned the many procedures that we need to follow while in the field. As there are teams of scientists all over the national park surrounding Birragai, this is a very important part of such an expedition!


tnts 320



map 320


Shortly after we arrived, the scientists began to arrive from the field, all sharing stories from their day of surveying. Over dinner we heard highlights from their day and found out which teams we will be joining tomorrow for our first full day in the field. Cara (a teacher from Darwin) and I will be joining the reptile team, to track and capture lots of different lizards, and hopefully find some snakes as they did today! Not that I really want to get too close to a copperhead snake…!

lizard 300


Off to my tent now (avoiding the mircobats that are flying around outside this building!), ready for some cute lizards tomorrow!