About Presbyterian Ladies' College

Presbyterian Ladies’ College, Perth is a long established (103 years) independent day and boarding school for girls in Western Australia. The school, located between the river and sea in the leafy suburb of Peppermint Grove, caters for students’ form Pre K to Year 12.

At PLC we teach to the Western Australian Curriculum. We are also a Primary Year’s Programme and Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate school. The school has approximately 1200 students of which 150 are boarding students.


Entomologists at work

On speaking with one of the entomologists I was told that two weeks in the field creates more than a year’s work back in the lab and the office.

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Lesson Plans - Jane Brandenburg

The following is a series of four lessons.

The first two lessons focus on land as a precious resource. The second two focus on the uneveness in loss of biodiversity.  The context is the south west corner of Western Auustralia.



Citizen Science - Part 1

Lesson 1 - Citizen Science – Giving service and having fun!

Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Research

-      Preparation of a colloborative presentation

-     Understand what  is meant by ‘Citizen Science’.

-     Effective involvement in a collabortative and co-operative team.

-     Research a variety of Citizen Science opportunities.

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Citizen Science - Part 2

Lesson 2 -  Citizen Science Part 2


Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Group presentations

-      Evaluations of presentations

-     Make a contribution towards a group presentation.

-     I need to listen carefully to all other presentations.

-     I need to write brief notes about each prentation.

-     I need to consider if or not I woud like to be involved in each of the Citizen Science opportunities.

-     Identify characteristics of an interesting presentation.

-     Idendify characteristsics of great group work.

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Lesson 3 - Land a vital resource

Lesson 3 – Land: A vital resource

Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Land usage of south western corner of Western Australia

-      Transcribing information

-      Biodiversity

-     Show land uses on  map  of the south western corner of Western Australia.

-     Watch two videos and take notes.

-     Consider why biodiersity is important.

-     Understand the relationship between land usage by humans and the impact this has on biodiversity.


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