BushBlitz Ideas

Below is a developing ideas list for a riverside BushBlitz.

The bushland down by the river woud be a really interesting place to look for lichens and bryophytes.

With appropriate permissions (plant collection and council), we could look for small samples and bring these back to school to look at under stereo-microscopes. The scientists tell me one of the best ways to see them is to walk alog with spary bottles and put a fine mist of water on the bark of the trees. If it shows up with a slightly green, whuite or yellowish hue its worth collecting samples and bringing them back to look at and take photos of. We can then try and classify as Crustose, Foliose or Fruticose and furthermore, with an appropriate chart, we can take it to genus level.


 Below is a helpful image from https://ohioplants.org/lichen-biology/


Information about the variety of bryophytes below is taken from https://ohioplants.org/lichen-biology/