Lesson Plans - Jane Brandenburg

The following is a series of four lessons.

The first two lessons focus on land as a precious resource. The second two focus on the uneveness in loss of biodiversity.  The context is the south west corner of Western Auustralia.



Citizen Science - Part 1

Lesson 1 - Citizen Science – Giving service and having fun!

Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Research

-      Preparation of a colloborative presentation

-     Understand what  is meant by ‘Citizen Science’.

-     Effective involvement in a collabortative and co-operative team.

-     Research a variety of Citizen Science opportunities.

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Citizen Science - Part 2

Lesson 2 -  Citizen Science Part 2


Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Group presentations

-      Evaluations of presentations

-     Make a contribution towards a group presentation.

-     I need to listen carefully to all other presentations.

-     I need to write brief notes about each prentation.

-     I need to consider if or not I woud like to be involved in each of the Citizen Science opportunities.

-     Identify characteristics of an interesting presentation.

-     Idendify characteristsics of great group work.

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Lesson 3 - Land a vital resource

Lesson 3 – Land: A vital resource

Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Land usage of south western corner of Western Australia

-      Transcribing information

-      Biodiversity

-     Show land uses on  map  of the south western corner of Western Australia.

-     Watch two videos and take notes.

-     Consider why biodiersity is important.

-     Understand the relationship between land usage by humans and the impact this has on biodiversity.


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