Lesson 3 - Land a vital resource

Lesson 3 – Land: A vital resource

Lesson Content What do I need to achieve:

-      Land usage of south western corner of Western Australia

-      Transcribing information

-      Biodiversity

-     Show land uses on  map  of the south western corner of Western Australia.

-     Watch two videos and take notes.

-     Consider why biodiersity is important.

-     Understand the relationship between land usage by humans and the impact this has on biodiversity.


Activity 1 - Land usage

Below are two images, one a satellite image and the second a google map image of the south western corner of Western Australia.

Your first task is to understand the land-uses of the various regions of the south western corner and to mark these on one of the two maps. (Your teacher will provide you with some large maps – One of these will be particularly helpful. https://researchlibrary.agric.wa.gov.au/gis_maps/10/)



Are any areas of Western Australia solely reserved for native plants and animals?

Which best describes the size of the area NOT utilized by humans. Research the information, then shade the bar below. (Use https://www.bibbulmuntrack.org.au/media/files/jewel_of_the_australian_continent_1.pdf page 17 “Clearing and fragmentation” to assist.)

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%


Are the areas that are unutilized by humans evenly dispersed across the different vegetation types?

Explain how this may impact the species that have been heavily impacted by humans.


Activity 2 – What is Biodiversity?

Watch the two videos.



What is biodiversity?

How many species are there on the planet? Have we discovered all species?

Why is biodiversity important? List the reasons.

Why is biodiversity shrinking? List the reasons.

What is a biodiversity service? List examples.

What is unusual about the current rates of extinction?

How can land usage, as investigated in part 1 of the lesson, seriously impact biodiversity.