Oliver Lintott - Day Three

Day Three - Canberra Botanic Garden - Bush Blitz Community Day.


Community Day.

 Our beautiful venue for the day was the Botanic Gardens in Canberra. Today was a chance for all of us involved in the expedition to meet the local Canberra community and explain why what we are doing is so important and how critical bio diversity is to our world. 

For the first time I actually felt in my element, engaging with the families and children and exposing them to some of the things I had learned about and experienced was amazing. I felt as though this was an in field dry run of what it will be like to engage with my students back on the Gold Coast. The excitement and curiosity on display from people as young as 2 or 3 and as old as 70/80 was fantastic.

 IMG_3821.JPG  IMG_3837_-_Copy.JPG


 Scary start to the day!

 IMG_3793.JPG  IMG_3794.JPG


 This cute little fellow is hiding a rather cool fact about himself, let me show you what happens to him under a UV light! 

 Here is the box I made to perform my experiment, I initally had far more tape around the box but Robert Raven seemed far less concered about the scorpion escaping than he did about people getting a good look.

With hindsight he was probably right as everyone who visited really enjoyed a close look at this little guy.





 Getting to interact with some of these animals was just amazing, if this doesn't invoke a passion for saving our world's bio diversity, nothing will!

 If I'm honest, this young lady was proably even more comfortable handling

the reptiles than I was, she has a future here!






 After the snakes I moved on to some of the less 'scary' animals.





Bees - 

Teachable Moment – The one thing that I really took away from today was how awesome Bees are and how little we seem to know about them. I plan to go away and work on a cross curriculum project for my classes next year around food security and the importance of bees for humans. Some of the components I have in mind at the moment are; the creation of native bee hotels, the creation of flower pathways in our school garden to encourage native bee life and some sort of monitoring and recording of the bee population around our school.