Oliver Lintott - Day Five

Day Five - Lizards!


Today I ventured far further into the Namadgi National park than on previous encounters and I think this photo answers the question, was the car ride worth it?






















Today I was with Mich Couper and we were both a little gobsmacked by just how many lizards Ian, our fearless leader, was able to coax into his hands. Thankfully, we both caught a couple over the course of the day, here is the photographic proof!

IMG_4294.JPG IMG_4347.JPG


As silly as this may sound my teachable moment for today has nothing to do with lizards really. I don’t mean to dob him in but Ian was so confident about this lizard not being able to drop his tail only to have me end up with an enormous chunk of said tail in my hand seconds later… Whilst both sad, conflicting and somewhat amusing at the time I really walked away thinking, you know what, if someone that expert in something can still make mistakes and have things to learn then surely we need to instil a greater sense that failure or being wrong is absolutely ok. I do my best to own up to my mistakes but I think after today I really want to emphasise the importance of making ‘good’ mistakes in the classroom.



This little guy was a surprise catch and I just had to share becasue I thought he was super cool!