Oliver Lintott - Day Six

Day Six - Fresh water creatures! 


Today was super cool! I am not a guy that would usually be super pumped about spending a day fishing… After today, I am a fishing lover! Elector fishing that is…


The fish we were on the lookout for today was the galaxias. Galaxias is a genus of small, highly successful freshwater fish in the Galaxiidae family. They are typically found at temperate latitudes across the Southern Hemisphere and are frequently referred to as galaxiids. We were looking for these fish, as they are one of the best indicators of a healthy ecosystem. In place of this healthy native ecosystem, introduced trout have taken over and decimated the native population of these fish and our job was to find the remaining pockets of native galaxias wherever they may have found refuge.

 IMG_7231.JPG  IMG_7165.JPG


These cool guys are just such an amazing creature! The colour is so vibrant and the structure so prehistoric!




The trout photo on the left was first… I worked out that to make my catch look more impressive I really need to hold it up to the camera… Perspective is everything!


 IMG_3962.JPG  IMG_3954.JPG


After all of the outdoor field work excitement it was back to the lab for processing. I learnt so much about the importance of accuracy today and I think my take away teachable moment is again not specific to freshwater creatures. The fact that the work we did today will inform scientific enquiry in 400 years time really highlights the importance of accuracy, the need and desire to do anything and everything you do to the best of your ability is critical and for me today that was really driven home. I will look for ways to instil this work ethic and attention to detail in my students and this example is a great starting point, not that everything we do will be analysed in 400 years times but that some things we do that may not seem all that important still deserve our best, close enough is not good enough and if something is worth doing, do it right!


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