Lesson 2: What is a Bush Blitz?


Bush Blitz is when a team of scientists go into the Australian bush and, over a period of a week, complete flora and fauna surveys.

The first Bush Blitz was conducted in 2010 and since then there has been over 20 expeditions to more than 70 different national parks and other properties across Australia.



Why do Bush Blitz? Australia is home to a huge variety of different living things. Around 140,000 different species have been identified and named.

Scientists estimated that there are more than 4 times as many species.

That is the purpose of the Bush Blitz program.

Since 2010, Bush Blitzes have recorded more than 15,000 species and over 800 new species have been discovered.

The Bush Blitz motto is: “If you don’t know what’s there, how can you protect it?”

Is this a good motto for the Bush Blitz? Discuss with your partner and write down what you both think.

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