Year 7 - Classification of organisms

To introduce students to classification keys and the reason we classify organisms. Students will create a new branch onto an existing classification key, and create an organism that has all of the required traits (based on the existing dichotomous key) and the new trait from the added branch.

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Students will be introduced to classification systems, in particular dichotomous keys. Students will spend some time learning about a particular ecosystem, choosing one to focus on for this lesson sequence. Students will ‘discover’ (create) a new organism that will be able to fit into one of the ecosystem’s dichotomous keys. Students will research the ecosystem, design the new organism using characteristics from a dichotomous key of their chosen ecosystem, re-create the dichotomous key to include their new species and write a ‘discovery blog’ detailing how they came across their new organism. As an extension task, students can also explain how the organism interacts with other organisms in the ecosystem and also explain the benefit to society and the environment of the discovery.