Sunday 14th February 2016

Hi everyone,

Well what a day!  Most of my day comprised of catching a number of planes to arrive in Hobart, around 4pm.  There I was greeted by our team contact, Bruce Paton (Earthwatch). First impressions of Hobart were 'amazing', 'picturesque' and 'inspirational'. The climate is what I would expect, but the habitat; just from driving from the airport to where we are staying is spectacular. There are trees that are as tall as 5 storey buildings, wide as a small truck and would be over 100 years old, so many nestled in the heart of Hobart centre. Many of them not native to Australia most likely planted by the first settlers and nurtured by the locals. 
After settling in, I finally got to meet the other Teachers on this expedition. We have such varying backgrounds
and experience. As I am an early career teacher I was in awe of some of the experiences they shared over the
meal. The general feeling for the start of the expedition tomorrow is 'EXCITEMENT'. We will leave Hobart and
travel to Kettering to board the Bruny Island Ferry (The Mirambeena) and meet the already hard working Scientists. 
We will settle in and have our safety briefs, then discover the wonderful and exciting field expeditions we will be
going to be a part of. These expeditions include: collecting seeds of rare species on the Island to preserve in
'seedbanks', locating tiny snail populations (Size not necessarily population) and so much more. 
Well until tomorrow.
Mrs Tinney