Monday 15th February 2016: Searching for invertebrates

After breakfast we set out for a quick trip around Hobart to pick up any replacement gear then we set out for Bruny Island. Once we arrived, the scientists were setting up the shearing floor as a temporary workspace. (Not a white coat in sight.) The teachers helped shift gear and set up the HQ back at the shearers’ quarters where we will be staying. This is my room. Tidy! Isn't it?

typical room

It doesn’t take long for these scientists to start work. I noticed Lyn poking around in an of fire pit just over the track from the quarters. She had noticed something move and was investigating. It turned out to be a spider but while she was searching, Lyn found 4 species of weevils, 2 species of spiders, 2 species of ants and an opilione (Daddy Long Legs) which has a tiny body and eight extra-long legs. All of this was in an apparently barren field.

Lyn looking for creepy crawlies  What she found spider high res

After setting up, I had the chance to go out and set up some insect traps in the National Park. We were in such a hurry to get away so we could be back before dark, I forgot my wet weather gear. It is not something I will do again. The rain was only light but the temperature dropped to 12oC. We still set up the traps but I was glad to get back in the warm car.

Bruce Mills walking through the bush h

Most of the evening was taken up with orientation and safety briefings. Tomorrow, I am going out on a reconnaissance mission with the seed collectors from the Botanic Gardens. Hopefully, I will be able to make my first interview video tomorrow.