Sunday 14th February 2016: Day 1 in Tasmania

I arrived at the Price of Wales Hotel last night about 10 pm. I have spent this morning and early afternoon wandering around town. Hobart is very interesting from an historical point of view. There are many houses dating back to the convict era and even some of the later ones are made from recycled sandstone blocks. In some cases, you can still see the chisel marks where the sandstone was shaped. My favourite was an early church built from roughly shaped stones. There is nothing on the outside to indicate its history and only the spire shows what it was.

Disused Church

While I was wandering, I went to the Maritime Museum. They have an extensive collection of artefacts and models relating to the history of Tasmanian shipping. I even managed to get a couple of pictures of early steamships for Mrs Bruce’s research. This is a model of a type of sailing ship called a barque which was built in Tasmania. The superb quality of the Houn Pines made these ships resistant to borers and the wood could survive years in the water without treatment.
I'm not sure what happened to this photo to cause the lines.  I will try to update it later..

Barque model

After a bit of work sorting out equipment, the rest of the teaching team arrived and we went to dinner. Last thing to do before we leave is check out our wet weather gear so that if it isn’t suitable, we can replace it before we leave Monday morning.