Wednesday 17th February 2016: Fossils and creatures on the sea shore

Today I went down to the beach to collect creatures from the intertidal zone.

Imagine wading in water arriving from Antarctica while the temperature is 12 degrees and the wind is blowing at about 40 km/h. Strangely enough, the water wasn’t as cold as I expected. We drove to Variety bay because the wind had whipped up some rough sea in the bays close to Murrayfield Station. Fiona discovered several species of seaweed and Kirralee discovered anemones, crabs, hermit crabs, snails and other creatures in the pools and among the rocks. It would be a bonus to discover new species but the main aim is to record what is there. This gives the distribution of different species of marine animals.

Starfish 800x600   Kirrily and rock pool 800x600

And living animals weren't the only sea creatures we discovered - we also found these amazing fossils of animals called bryozoans, which lived on the seafloor millions of years ago (you can still find living bryozoans in the sea around Bruny Island).

Variety Bay fossils

As we left, we cleaned up the debris from the beach.

Bruce Mills and marine debris 800x600