Thursday 18th February: Sucking up true bugs

Went out to collect True Bugs and other insects. The weather was cold and rainy again at the start of the day but cleared to a beautiful afternoon. We went to several locations but didn’t find very much because of the wet weather. I did learn some great techniques for collecting bugs, beetles and spiders.

One of the highlights was collecting small bugs and beetles with some of Anna’s equipment. This is called a pooter by the etymologists and it’s correct term is aspirator but I preferred slurpy, sucker-upperer thingy.

Beating bushes for bugs high res  


Sucking up bugs high res 300x300  

  Looking at bugs that have been collected high res

A technique for collecting everything in a small area under logs and bark is to lay down a sheet made from rip-stop nylon and spray the area above the sheet. Then the insects are tipped into the cone that Anna is holding. It has a collection bottle at the bottom which has some ethanol in the bottom to preserve the insects until they can be separated and sorted.

Anna putting out bug mat high res     Anna spraying bug mat high res     Anna holding bug mat collector high res
Adventure Bay high res       

One site was very interesting
because this bay was the site
where Captain Cook anchored
on one of his expeditions. 

Stringybark high res   stringybark gum, very like this one,
was the first eucalypt described for the

British Museum.