Lesson Plan 1

Transport in Plants - Part A

Investigate the role, structure and function of Xylem and Phloem.

Compare and contrast the process of transpiration and translocation.

What are stomata? Outline stomata structure and function. Why are they important? Where do you normally find stomata and why?

Stomata investigation

Use the links below to perform an investigation in to stomata (or use another stomata experiment).

http://www.biologyjunction.com/leaf_stomata_lab.htm (http://www.biologyjunction.com/leaf_stomata_lab.htm)

http://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/stomata.html#.U3hU7tKSz_E (http://www.biologycorner.com/worksheets/stomata.html#.U3hU7tKSz_E)