Day 1 Arriving at base camp (28/06/14)

Here I am in Home Valley Station (HV8)! This morning I took a flight from Darwin to Kununurra, where I met the other teachers, Shae, Anjali, Malcolm and Kate, and some of the Earthwatch/Bush Blitz staff, Bruce and Brian.

We headed in to Kununurra and had some lunch, thanks to the Kimberley Café, picked up some supplies and started our journey to base camp at Home Valley Station (about 120kms from Kununurra). The drive was about one and a half hours with dirt roads, river crossings (at the Pentecost River) and fabulous vistas of the Cockburn Range – including the odd stop for photos.

When we arrived we set up and explored camp organised our tents then headed to the onsite lab to take our first look at the areas we will be working with. There are Scientists here working on butterflies, plants, spiders, fish, bugs and other insects, lichen…it is amazing the work that is occurring out here.

We had our risk assessment briefing and headed to dinner, where we met the whole team including the cooks, helicopter pilots and photographers. After dinner I had the opportunity to watch the work of the Fish Biologists and Ecologists, as they photographed, took tissue samples and tagged the fish they had caught in the field that day.

The amazing part of doing field work out here in the Kimberley is that many of the sites are so remote a helicopter has to be used to get there. Some of the sites have already produced some interesting work here; today 5 new species of spider were discovered. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!