About St. Mary's Primary School

About St. Mary's Primary School

St Mary’s Parish Primary School, situated in the bayside suburb of Williamstown is the oldest, continuously operating Catholic school in Victoria. We opened in 1842, creating a proud history which includes a direct association with the Sisters of St Joseph which began in the school in 1900.
Students at St Marys are supported by parents, teachers and the local community to learn about the area they live in. Our Grade five and six students ride to the local wetlands, called Jawbone Reserve. On these rides students have learnt how to monitor the water quality of the freshwater wetland. Students have also learnt to identify the different waterbugs, birds and plants that live in the area. Students also work hard to revegetate the wetlands with native plants and to remove rubbish.
We are really looking forward to participating in BushBlitz 2015, and we thank the traditional owners of Olkola for inviting us to learn more about their home. We are really curious about how the scientists plan to explore the different plants and creatures that live on the 1,000,000 hectares at Olkola. Someone in our learning environment calculated that the area of our suburb Williamstown could fit into the area of Olkola 2000 times!! We are really inspired by the people of Olkola wanting to learn more about their home, and hope to gain new skills to help us learn more about our local wetlands at Jawbone Reserve.
You can find out more about our school on the following link: http://www.smwilliamstown.catholic.edu.au/