Monday 15th February, 2016: Getting to Bruny Island.

The first priority on this cool and windy morning was the team (teachers and Earthwatch organisers) gathering to organise the travel from Hobart to Bruny Island.

ferry photo a

The 7 of us piled into 2 four wheel drive vehicles and drove 40 minutes south to the mainland ferry terminal. We had a very enjoyable short ferry trip to Bruny Island. The waters are so clear and blue!

On the drive to Murrayfield Station you could tell that there hadn’t been much rain lately as the country is pretty dry.

Blog 4 Is in the distanceblog 7 arriving Is a

Now that we are settled in at the station we await the arrival of the scientists who are travelling from different locations in Australia. When all are here we will have our first briefing.

Island sign ablog 8 sheepa

I’ll check in with you again tomorrow. I hope the photos give you an idea of the ferry trip, Murrayfield Station sheep and the carpark. So many more photos I wish to post. This is my first attempt at a blog and managing a website so I’m learning ‘on the job’ so to speak! Miss Hoey.