Year 1 Science Lesson. Field trip to observe living things in the student’s playground.

Inquiry question: What life can you spot within your play area (Prep playground)?

Before the field trip.

  • Before going outside on a field trip remember safety, safety, safety!
  • Support students to think about and discuss how everyone will keep safe. Discuss sun safety and how to safety take samples/ specimens of plant life or other evidence of life, eg. Feathers. Have a container to put specimens in.
  • Pose the inquiry question, What life can you spot within your play area? and scribe student responses of what life they have seen so far in the playground area. Remind students to think of both the plants and animals group.
  • Ask students to share how they will ‘observe like a scientist’ while on the field trip. Remind students about using their senses (smell, sight, hearing, touch).
  • Ensure students are safely ready for the field trip, for example, has hats and shoes laces are tired. Have a device to take photographs of life identified by the students.
  • Determine locations that you will stop at to discuss the life found within the build environment.


During the field trip.

  • Walk to the locations you wish students to observe and discuss what is seen. Discussion could also include what is non-living as well as living.
  • Allow students to photograph the life they observe, eg. birds, lizards, plants.
  • Allow students to safely collect evidence of life, eg. Leaves, flowers, feathers.


After the field trip.

  • Share specimens collected and display them in the classroom.
  • A display board of specimens and photos could be used to summarise the answer to the inquiry question.
  • Students choose one specimen to draw and write about. They can state what it is, describe it and where it was found.
  • Students specimen drawing and description can be collected to create a book of, Life Forms in Our Playground.
  • As a way of linking Year 1 learning with Year 6 ICLT learning, some Year 6 students can undertake a project of creating an video or PowerPoint photo album of Life Forms in Our Playground usingthe photos taken on the Year 1 field trip.
    • Students could present the life found in the play area classified into plants, including flowering and non-flowering plants, and the animals can be presented in the animal classification groupings of mammals, birds, insects, amphibians.