Sunday 14th Feb - Day One: Getting to Hobart

View from the top

view from the top 2

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Arrived at Syd airport eagerly anticipating my 2nd ever flight. The last flight I took was 6 years ago so I can't even remember what it is was like. My plane was delayed by about half an hour but no matter - boarding was a cinch.

As the plane took off, I felt more calm than at boarding. Looking out the window, I saw my old suburb and waved to my family below.

As the plane increased altitude, I noticed some amazing things that you can take for granted on the ground. Magnificent, large, fluffy white clouds! And not just directly above me but below me, suspended in the air, some way above, some way beneath. It's like magic that they just hang there (probably moving as fast as the plane but very hard to detect while sitting in a moving vehicle). Moving up even further, I was now above even the highest clouds. My overcast day just became blue and sunny.

The view of Australia's coastline, the amount of greenery, winding creeks and rivers just as you would see them on Google Earth, made me a little emotional, I have to admit. What a beautiful place. What a vast place! And while urbanisation seems ever-increasing, the view from the top tells a different story. Big suburbs are little ant farms, big creeks are puddles. But trees and grass are endless.

Utterly spectacular.

Upon arrival at tiny Hobart airport, I was greeted by one of the Earthwatch project manager, Ari, who I will introduce you to at some point. I also met Nicole, another teacher chosen for this expedition. It was like meeting old friends. We chatted about our flight and all got to know each other. It was about 6pm and we still had to meet the other Earthwatch project manager, Bruce Paton, and the other three teachers also on this expedition. We all met to have dinner and get ready for a big day ahead.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog!