Monday 15th Feb - Day Two: Leaving Hobart on the Ferry

       Leaving Hobart on the ferry


Today we prepared ourselves to go to Bruny Island. The weather forcast predicts lots of rain for the next few days so I went into town and bought a Goretex rain jacket to match my Goretex pants. Goretex is a waterproof substance coated on clothing to make sure you stay dry in very wet weather. In the pocket of my new jacket was this 'code' of conduct when outdoors. I thought it was quite interesting and especially liked the points about respecting wildlife. We will have to remember that when we start surveying the wildlife in Bruny Island!

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Right now I'm inside our Nissan Pathfinder while we are parked on a ferry crossing the D'entrecasteaux Channel. I'm on the laptop and thought that we weren't even moving, but when I looked up, the trees and water were rushing by!

20160215 130654 2

ferry This photo is of the wharf at Bruny Island as we approached.

 fery 2 The bridge was lowered so that we could drive off the boat onto the wharf.

 We made it to Bruny Island!

welcome to bruny   This sign is displayed on a small shack as you drive up a dusty road from the west coast to the east coast. It made me feel very welcome indeed! Just need to find a penguin to give a hug to. 

murrayfield 20160215 140042

This is Murrayfield Station on Trumpeter Road! This is where I'll be staying for the duration of the expedition. There are main quarters including a communal eating hall, bathrooms and teachers' rooms are just next door.

 view from murrafield loooking eastThis is the view from my room facing east.

I can already hear some bird calls that I don't recognise and saw some woodhens frolicking about in the long grass.

Later today, we will be briefed about how this expedition will be run and what we will be studying each day.