Tuesday 16th Feb - Day Three: Planning the Expedition


All the scientists arrived at Murrayfield Station last night and we assembled for a briefing. A briefing is where the team leader (ours is Kate - a project manager from Earthwatch) introduces everyone to each other (we all went round and gave a bit of information about ourselves and we all had to say our favourite dessert as well!) and talks about how to be safe when conducting field work. Everyone was really friendly and it was good to get to know each other better - after all, we're going to be spending a lot of time working together. 


mapsThe maps show the same place but focus on different aspects of the land. For example, the map on the very left is an overview of places, the center map shows the marine habitat mapping and the right map shows different types of vegetatiom. The scientists use these maps to work out where they will go on their expedition. There is a point on the overview map called 'SSS1' - Standard Survey Site - where all the different types of scientsts all go to survey.


Kate showed us the first aid kits, which contained the usual bandages and sting cream, but also electronic devices that send out your latitude and longitude location via a signal to the team leader if anything goes wrong in the field.

tem chartteacher board

The Scientists and Earthwatch managers are very organised. They keep a record of the teams that have gone out for the day. This is so that everyone knows when teams are expected back to base (Murrayfield Station) after they have finished collecting samples in the field.