Saturday 21st Feb - Day 7: The Final Day - And what a day!

You can never really understand someone until you've walked in their shoes. This week I walked in the shoes of a scientist. With the guidance of some of the most passionate, intelligent, meticulous and just down-right lovely people, I have caught insects, collected seeds, sifted through seafloor mud, let spiders crawl over me, spotlighted wildlife and felt excited, curious and been totally awe-inspired. Today I must have spent one hour at base eating dinner after field work, and then went back out into the field until 11.30pm. Scientists do this and more for their study. They wake up at strange hours, work in any kind of weather, under time-pressure but not once have I heard a single complaint about the heavy rain, the lack of sleep or the pungent smell of sheep wool in their make-shift lab. From being a teacher, running a department for the school, to being the student again this week, I've realised what it means to be a life-long learner and that no matter how much we think we already know, there's plenty more out there to keep us humble and occupied. 

The photos of today's trip are below, but before you scroll down, please read the following 'thank you' to the wonderful people below:

Coordinators of the expedition:

Bruce P - For letting me come along on this fantastic adventure.

Ari - For being a good friend, a happy face and for providing hearty laughs every single day and night without fail.

Kate, Bella & Charlotte - For looking after us, keeping us safe and making us feel welcome.

The Scientists:

I'd like to thank each and every scientist on this expedition for teaching me their ways, imparting their expert knowledge to so that I could still follow along, and ultimately inspiring me to confidently share their methods, enthusiasm and perseverance  with my students. The scientists on this expedition were: Dr Robert Raven, Lynette Forster Msc, Dr Cathy Byrne, Dr Kirrily Moore, Fiona, Dr Anna Namyatova, Nicole Zehntner, Dr James Wood, Natalie Tapson, Abbie Throssell, Dr Kevin Bonham and Dr David De Little.

My School:

To my School for giving me this opportunity to better myself as a science teacher, for giving me support and encouragement, and to my students for their happy faces and excellent questions every time I Skyped in (and for being polite to the scientists!). I can't wait to share with you everything I have learnt.

And  of course the teachers! 

Jade, Louise, Nicole and Bruce - All fantastic science teachers and a pleasure to learn alongside you all. I will miss you so much - keep in touch!

I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog about this amazing opportunity for teachers and scientists alike - the 2016 Bush Blitz Teachlive expedition to Bruny Island.

(There are a couple more videos to go up tomorrow in case you'd like to have a look!)

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