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The Bush Blitz Adventure Portal will bring Bush Blitz to your classroom, through videos direct from the field!

Bush Blitz aims to teach and inspire your students about science through exploring Australia's beautiful biodiversity, including amazing plants and animals uncovered during Bush Blitz expeditions to some of Australia's most remote locations. Visit to find out more about Bush Blitz. 

The Adventure Portal program will advertised to schools around Australia approximately two months prior to each expedition. Interested schools will be asked to fill in an application form to participate in the program:

 Program Outline:

Year Level 4 to 8
Group size No limit – you are welcome to combine classes at your school to connect to this program.
Duration A pre-expedition video uploaded to YouTube (~7 minutes long) and video conference during expedition about 20-30 minutes in length.
Availability Advertised about 2 months prior to expedition. Email to be added to our mailing list.
Connection requirements Internet connection with access to YouTube and Zoom.
What’s provided
  • • Access to background information on the Bush Blitz, and useful resources
  • • Access to videos of Bush Blitz scientists working in the lab and field
  • •The option to apply for the opportunity to submit student questions direct to the scientist. A limited number of schools will be selected for this opportunity on first-in basis. The scientist will hold a Zoom video conference with you and your students!
Cost No cost




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Program Timeline:

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Information uploaded (1 month prior to expedition)

Information about the Bush Blitz including the location, local ecology and the scientists (their expertise and field techniques) will be uploaded to the website approximately a month before the expedition, along with information about the scientists attending, what their expertise is, and what field techniques they will be using. Links to suggested educational resources will also be provided.


Pre-expedition video uploaded (1-2 weeks prior to expedition)

A short video of one of the Bush Blitz scientists will be uploaded a week or two prior to the expedition, explaining who they are, where they work, what they do, and what they are expecting to find during the expedition.


Questions submitted 

The schools participating in question submission will be propted (by email) to submit questions from their students after watching the pre-expedition video. Questions will be reviewed by Bush Blitz before given to the scientist. Depending on time limit and appropriateness, not all questions may get answered


Video conference (during expedition)

During the expedition, the scientist will be searching for species in their area of expertise e.g insects, or spiders, or plants, or reptiles, or frogs!  During your video conference with them, they will discuss how they find and identify species, why their work is important and many other interesting facts. They may even discover a new species!







Questions and answers will also be uploaded in written format on the website following the expedition. 

All videos and resources will remain available online for anyone to acess at any time, for free, after the expedition.

This is a pilot program, and we aim for further developments next Bush Blitz. We encourage feedback from participating schools. 


Requirements and Expectations:


Requirement (essential for classes submitting quesitons):

  • • Access to internet and internet permissions for Zoom video conferencing and YouTube during class time (we understand some schools have restrictions on certain websites, but due to lack of consistency across all schools it is dificult to find an all-round un-restricted platform)
  • • Understand that not all students' questions may get answered. This will depend on: appropriateness, relevance, time limit and ability of scientist.
  • • Watch the video and log into the video conference with your students within the time periods specified

Other expectations:

  • • Communicate background information to your class provided on the Bush Blitz website (link will be emailed when information is available).
  • • Incorporate learning activities/lessons to accompany the program - i.e. Lesson themes on biodiversity, ecology or environments.
  • • Complete an evaluation survey on the program so we can understand how to improve the program for next time.



Click on the expeditions below to view further information, and to apply for the Bush Blitz Adventure Portal program.

 Exmouth Murray Foubister                    


 2019 Cape Range National Park

 Applications opening soon!

(Please note, this is not a "TeachLive" expedition)

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