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Bush Blitz is delighted to announce the introduction of a new interactive education program! The Bush Blitz adventure portal is different to the TeachLive program. It is an educational package that will allow any school around Australia to connect with Bush Blitz scientists live from the field through videos uploaded to the website. Inspire your students in science through exploring Australia's beautiful biodiversity, including all the amazing plants and animals uncovered during Bush Blitz expeditions to some of Australia's most remote locations. 


Outline of program structure


Program Advertised (2-3 months prior to expedition)

The program is advertised to schools around Australia approximately two months prior to the expedition. Interested schools will be asked to fill in an application form to participate in one of two programs:

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  • Bush Blitz Ranger
  • * Available to all year levels
  • * Access to all background information on the Bush Blitz
  • * Suggested resources emailed to you
  • * Receive an email when new video has been uploaded
 BB Adventurer Pic transpara  
  • Bush Blitz Adventurer (allocated to five lucky schools each Bush Blitz)
  • * Available to all year levels
  • * Access to all background information on the Bush Blitz
  • * Suggested resources emailed to you
  • * Receive and email when new video has been uploaded
  • * Each school submits five questions to the scientist. The scientist will then submit a video during Bush Blitz, directly answering the students questions!
  • If not successful for your application for Bush Blitz Adventurer, you will automatically be added to the Bush Blitz Ranger list.
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Information uploaded (1 month prior to expedition)

Information about the location of Bush Blitz and its local ecology will be uploaded to the website approximately a month beofre the expedition, along with information about the scientists attending, what their expertise is, and what field techniques they will be using. Links to suggested educational resources will also provided.

First video uploaded (1-2 weeks prior to expedition)

A short video of the scientist selected for the upcoming Bush Blitz will be uploaded a week or two prior to the expedition, explaining who they are, where they work, what they do, and what they are expecting to find during the expedition.

Second video uploaded (during expedition)

During the expedition, the scientist will be working on searching for species in their area of expertise - this may be for insects, or spiders, or plants, or reptiles, or frogs!  They will be using special field techniques for collection. A second video will be uploaded of them working in the field. Here they will discuss how they identify and find the species, why their work is important, along with many other interesting facts. They may even discover a new species!

Questions subitted (during expedition)

The five classes participating as Bush Blitz Adventurers will submit their favourite five students' questions a day after the second video is uploaded (an email request will be sent). These will be reviewed by Bush Blitz and shown to the scientist. 

Answers video uploaded

The scientist will answer the students' questions in a third video which will be uploaded to the website towards the end (or a day after questions have been submited) of the expedition.

Teachers will be also expected to align their lesson plans during Bush Blitz around the themes of biodiversity, ecology and environments. 

Questions and answers will also be uploaded in written format on the website following the expedition. 







All videos and resources will remain available online for anyone to acess at any time, for free, after the expedition.

This is a pilot program, and we aim for further developments next Bush Blitz. Other features we may look at including are a live Skype/Zoom session with the scientist, and including more than one scientist in the program each expedition.


Requirements and Expectations:

For those teachers who are selected to follow Bush Blitz and submit questions to the scientist, you are required to meet the following requirements and expectations:

  • * Have access to internet and also have internet permissions to access to the website during class time.
  • * Communicate background information to your class provided on the Bush Blitz website (link will be emailed when information is available).
  • * Incorporate learning activities/lessons to accompany the program - i.e. Lesson themes on biodiversity, ecology or environments.
  • * Watch pre-expedition video of scientist with class approximately 1-2 weeks before the expedition
  • * Watch 5-15 minute video of scientist during the expedition (between .. and .. dates
  • Gather a list of questions from the class, and submit by ...
  • * Watch 15-20 minute video of scientist answering your students videos (between.. and .. dates)
  • * Understand that not all students' questions may get answered. This will depend on: appropriateness, relevance, time limit and ability of scientist.
  • * Complete an evaluation survey on the program so we can understand how to improve the program for next time.
Expeditions available

Click on the expeditions below, to access the Vitual Bush Blitz containing background information of the location, and videos of the scientists.

 Exmouth Murray Foubister                    


 2019 Cape Range National Park

 Applications opening soon!

Please note, this is not a TeachLive expedition. We are offering to connect teachers and students through videos of Bush Blitz scientists

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