Lesson 2

Bruny Island is a small island near the south coast of Tasmania. We should see similar animals to the ones found in Southern Tasmania.

  • Can you make me a list of what I can expect to find on the island?
  • What type of plants can I expect to see on the island?
  • Are any of them endangered?

As you can see from our list of scientists, I will be spending a lot of time looking for bugs and creepy crawlies.    Check out any pictures that are posted and compare them to our local beetles and bug and creepy crawlies.  Are there any major differences?

Lesson 1

1. Ask a Scientist. (Some questions will be done before I leave)

Many people think of scientists as very clever people who wander around in white coats doing mysterious things. We know that isn’t true because we have Mr Bruce and Mr Dave who don’t even won white coats. Scientists are human and most are a little bit weird. Some are very weird.

Everyone in the school has had a chance to ask some questions on the work. The 5-6 class has done some interview questions which I will ask. We should find out what they are like as people. Are they white coat scientists or Mr Dave type scientists or just plain weird like Mr Bruce.

On this expedition we have scientists from various occupations and I would like each class to design three questions for these scientists to find out what they are really like as people. I will conduct an interview and post it as a transcript. Your class has to come up with at least three questions that I can ask.