Ocean Chemistry (Yr 7-9)

So far you have been learning about acid/base reactions and energy transformations.  We have investigated the Carbon Cycle and have looked at the flow of energy through an ecosystem in the form of food webs. Remember our Coral Sea food web begins with the Sun.  The first energy transformation is by autotrophs (plants/algae/phytoplankton).

**NOTE** Please keep your food web available to tick off the links in your chains as I mention different species in my blog.  If you complete a chain in your food web, you will win a prize.  If you tick off all the species in your food web you can win a bigger prize. Keep me posted so I know how many prizes to buy.

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All about the sea (Yr 7-9)

Learning opportunities:    
To investigate sea water and its properties.
To investigate ocean currents.
To investigate ways to get fresh drinking water from sea water.

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